Healing & Meditating With Binaural Beats

Many ancient cultures were aware of how sound repetition could be used to train and stimulate our brains, and there are many historic examples of music being used as medicine & therapy, such as the Native Americans and Africans using singing and chanting for healing rituals. Amazingly, even some languages exhibit a connection between healing & music – such as traditional Chinese, where the character for medicine includes the character for music!

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A Tribute To Maty Ezraty

Today we celebrate the life of yogini master teacher, Maty Ezraty, who left us way too soon. Maty made her transition to other realms this week. She left her body temple at the young age of 55 very unexpectedly. The teacher of teacher's left her yoga children. Maty was the teacher of many of today's most influencial yoga teachers. As the yoga world grieves with her departure, I am here today to honour and celebrate her life.

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All About Distance Healing

Distance healing is used to describe any kind of energy that is directed or sent across space and time which has a healing effect on the recipient. This is different from in-person healing in that the healer & recipient do not need to be close together in distance in order for the healing to take effect. Distance healing can be done over the phone, for example, or at a special time set aside by healer & energy receiver.

In energy healing and holistic medicine therapies, the healer is working with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the client by accessing their subtle and energy body. This subtle energy body can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

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Spring Water + Hydration

Drinking fresh, clean high-quality natrual spring water is considered by many studies to be the best form of natural drinking. What is natural spring water? Spring water is water sourced from mountains that is clean, fresh, unprocessed and free from artificial treatment – it is truly alive! It’s considered by many to be the safest kind of drinking water since it’s free of toxins, natural, and contains all essential minerals required by the human body.

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Nathalie Croix


This morning I woke up at 5AM. 

I was restless in bed and eager to start my day, full of energy.

The first thing I did was light an organic incense, after that I joined a early risers group meditation via Headspace. Soon after I brew Living Tea - Nothing compares starting your day with an amazing tea bowl. 

Following this morning ritual I was ready to jump on work. 

My mind felt sharp and focused since there was not much noise and most of the world around me was still asleep.

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Nathalie Croix
Brain Waves & Meditation's Effect

What are Brainwaves?

The brain is an electrochemical machine that emanates electrical activity in the form of brainwaves. Or put another away, all of our thoughts, emotions & actions is a direct result of the communication between neurons in our brains. When masses of neurons communicate with each other they produce synchronized electrical pulses, or brainwaves.

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