The art of slow living

A tea ceremony is a magical way of honoring the ordinary while transforming it into the extraordinary. This thousand-year-old practice brings us closer to nature deep in our hearts as we vibrate with the essence of the trees itself, the water and the skies. The ritual teaches us to move through life with conscious intention and find joy in simple moments. We use this wisdom to connect to ourselves, to life and to feel that we are all one.

The tea used in our ceremonies is a medicinal tea cultivated in the highest mountains of Asia. It is brewed in Asian tradition as a "living tea," meaning it is cultivated in its natural environment without pesticides, in harmony with nature. It is also known be energetically powerful allowing us to take a deep journey within.

Each ceremony is highly customized and available to individuals and groups. Please reach out for more information.

I look forward to sharing a bowl of tea with you.